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“I’m a full time Internet homo”
— Dan Howell

punk-phan has just been added as Chris Kendall to the Youtube family.

Do you want to be a part of my Youtube family? Click here!

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but remember when we raised 9,000 dollars in like one minute?

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people used to say jack and finn only got subscribers for their looks and they never worked hard, and their videos were shit but hey in first place do you know why the channel started? BECAUSE JACK WAS BORED IN HIS GAP YEAR. He never expected to have 3 million people to entertain or even that in 2 years he’d be in India raising money for teenage cancer trust. He also grew a lot if you compare the first videos with the rickshaws, he’s a lot more mature, he became a great person. So how dare you to say all that trash about him and Finn just being lazy? how dare you to say they don’t care? how dare you to comment on their videos and not giving a fuck about all what they’ve done?

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